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Sunday, December 8, 2013

My tryst with professionalism Part - III

You know these days people working in IT industry are pissed of their managers/leads. When you ask about the feedback to  a developer, generally they used to scold. Few admire their technical competency, but very less people talk about their people management skill. I feel these days all those so called leads are running behind the numbers without caring about the people. But they forget a basic principle that, it's the people
who generate the number, not the numbers who generate the people. Everybody knows in IT industry number means what. But I am fortunate enough to come across a good lead who probably values people more than number.

 When I was starting my career, after about 1 year our team lead put his paper. When the leader quits, it's obvious that panic spreads among developers. Though my previous lead did not know about my technology, still he used to manage the team good because he was technically sound in other similar technologies. To all our surprise instead of hiring a guy who knows the technology our company moved a guy from some other team. Though we all knew that guy previously, still we are quite apprehensive about his team management skill.
Days passed on. I got acquainted with him quite nicely. Developed a very good rapport with him. The best thing I liked about him is, he never projects himself as lead for just showing off. You know, people talk about technical competency, but I have never respected someone with only good technical competency. I believe, given time everyone can develop good technical skill, but it's the attitude what matters most. Because it takes years to change attitude, because people carry this from birth till last breath.

You know, I belong to a rare technology. You will find hardly 1000 developers in India. A small company never experiments with such kind of technology in general. But ours was an exception. I wanted to exlpore more about this technology. But as you know everything comes with a cost. Why company will spend few lakh of bucks, just because a guy wants to learn a new technology !!! But my lead stood behind me. He not only convinced our CEO, that it would be a worthy spend but also he followed up for 3 months for this, did everything for me that he could do. At last, luck smiled. We finally got the software and even after that he purchased a book for me, of course that got reimbursed, but he showed me that he really wants me to learn that technology. Though my first company did not get much benefit from that few lakh rupees spent, but I am the one who got benefited most. This is about his quality of encouraging people to learn something new. We faced a lot of issues while installing, he made sure that we got all the necessary hardware. I still remember those late nights for installation. As late as 2 AM!!

Those days I used to go to the gym, even I continue to do the same. So as a beginner, I used to get a lot of body aches. So almost every week I used to go to gym and say..I have a back spasm, I got a sprain..I am not feeling good, can I go home? Every time, he said yes. Tell me, who the hell in this world, being a lead will allow a developer go home, just because he is not feeling good, that too once in every week. Those days cricket Worldcup was going on. He and me searched localities to get a TV antenna so that people can watch match in that new TV that we got !!! Tell me, where you will find this kind of guy? On the same day, I asked him to go to home to watch match, and to my surprise, he agreed !!!

Day by day my respect for him grew. On another twist of fate, my relative met with an accident. So those days I was going through a lot of emotional turbulence.The day after, my dad met with an accident. At that time I was in office. After getting the call, when I was leaving office, he accompanied with me leaving his important works just to make sure that I do not ride the bike in this condition. He not only helped me to carry my dad to the hospital, but also made sure that he gets good treatment by accompanying me to different diagnostic centres. I was literally stunned my his noble gestures...

Few personal commitments made me to quit the company. I never wanted to quit. I felt really bad when I told him my decision. I also told him the actual reason behind it. He also offered some help to sort out things, but as that was not feasible for me, I denied. I felt so bad that I skipped my lunch that day when I told him decision. I still remember his face. But I told him that I would like to comeback, he assured me that he will help me in coming back again, which he did. But due to some reason that did not happen.

There are lot of things that I can write about him, but these are few things I could write. Otherwise I can write a book on him. Just imagine guys, if you get such a lead who cares so much about you people, of course by keeping track on numbers, how will you feel? You will start to love your company, job and team. If you need to stay long for some work or some weekends at office would not bother you much. Those will come spontaneously from you. I have experienced 3 companies cultures so far, many leads. My experience is getting worse day by day. I am not sure, how many of you have personal rapport with your leads, I guess not many.

I just wonder when people will understand numbers count, but people matter.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Lot Has Changed!!!

Hello Guys....

This is my post after almost 3 years..Wondering what I was doing? A lot. Because life has changed a lot almost completely. When I was trying to write a new post, my first 5 mins got spent on to get adjusted with the new look of the blog. As I was not using computer personally, I have lost the control of the keyboard. Gone are those days when I used type without even looking at the keyboard.

             I had never left my home town earlier. But after spending 2 years and 3 months, I have to quit my job. New location, alien people, worst food and above all to live away from my beloved Mom, I had to gone through a lot. I just felt that after few years these pains that I was going through will bear fruits..But nothing happened as such..Same thing continued...There was a time when my mother had a tough time to wake me up, because I used sleep like a log. Now, I am just wondering where those days are gone..Now I am unable to sleep. Neither in Day nor in Night.

          When I used to call mom,that always gave me the feeling that I had done the biggest mistake of my life by coming to Bangalore. I was determined to rectify my mistake. What I did?? Will let you know in the coming post.

      Feels good, after 3 years I wrote something.

Monday, December 6, 2010

MyTryst with Professionalism Part - II

Everybody passes through the transitional period of turning from a Student to a Corporate. While at college we used to think that student life is feverish. We need to abide by the college law !!!
(How many of us follow it Religiously ?? Absolutely None ..). That time, we used to think when I would get a job then I would buy a Sedan , buy an I-pod and to check out some beautiful colleagues.
The moment you step-in to the so called "Corporate Life" all your hopes , aspirations seem to be pulverised. From the very first Induction Training you feel that , Is that all I used to dream for ???
No..Damn !!! You say to your self corporate life not only sucks but also it fucks you badly..Brutally might be the right term.

        Gradually your training period starts...When at college you always have a stomach pain at a boring lecture to cite an excuse, But here even if you get pain in all your important body parts (It depends
on you to decide which body part has importance in your body) no body listens, no body cares rather. You have got thousand of pending assignments to complete. You have to read not so good looking
sites about those technical stuffs. As it's obvious..You had habit of looking into those hot sites in your college career.You spend sleepless nights to complete those assignments. At the end some how you
managed to pass. Now you feel a bit relaxed. But the very next day you are assigned to a project.

     When you see those hundred thousands of Labyrinthine codes which is neither well documented nor well commented you feel like kicking the ass of the developer who has written the code and you also
feel like to screw the lead who has assigned you to the project.No doubt , you are smart. But your lead even smarter !!! Gradually you try to get hold over the project and make some bug fixes and release
the initial version. That night you went to a movie with your girl friend and boozed around.You thought you had done a very good job. Next day you come to office a bit late and expect appreciation from your
Lead..But ...

   The Lead yells at you like anything...The client is utterly un-happy with you ...You come to your desk and tilt your head over your hands. You see those red marks in the mail..Silently you cry. That moment you
promised to yourself to complete the work . You worked day in day out ..You gradually became a workaholic and alcoholic at the same time . It's obvious that you were and are a smoker.Those few days shaped your attitude as well as aptitude.You got a good hold over your technology as well as the project. Next week you got a smiley from your lead along with the appreciation. Gradually you see changes inside you.

To be continued ...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MY Tryst with PROFESSIONALISM : Part - I

 I vaguely remember that during our B.Tech course curriculum we had a subject called "Organisational Behaviour". The name  itself was self explanatory. That time the problem was, we were not associated with any organisational type of work culture. So brusquely I had mugged up few lines from the book so that I would get a good grade in the exam. That time , I hoped (as everyone does) I will utilise those concepts when I would get chance to work in an organisation. But my hope is somehow blurred these days.
       If you browse through the Times Ascent (Comes every Wednesday with The Times Of India), Almost 50% of the pages are inundated with these kind of articles. Everyone is talking about increasing employee productivity,increasing job satisfaction,how to get a better job etc etc . If you collect Ascents of last 30 Wednesdays, you will get to see almost 70 % are similar in the some or the other way. I would be happy if the TOI instead of giving more on those articles would lay more stress on Job Opportunities.What I feel (I might be wrong) those articles are only for reading purpose not for practical implementation.

      Before few days , I was talking to one of my friend who serves in India's largest IT brand. According to him : There is no "Sir" concept in his company. Everyone is called by their names. Even the Country Head !!! Every company also says we follow the same culture , but how many of them actually does ?? Imagine, if you have got a lead and everyone calls him by putting the "SIR" before his name.Being inspired by the so called company culture "Nobody is BOSS here , and everyone are friend and colleagues" you tried to call him by his name. His face will definitely turn pale and his frowning face would throw a weird gaze at you . He might think : "Well , this boy needs some care in his appraisal " (You know what I mean).

       I have never understood the professional behaviour till now. What does it mean ? Does it mean that the BOSS is always right ? Does it mean that the Client is always right or does it mean that you have to slog for hours and the next day some changes has been made (which was suggested by you earlier, but nobody paid attention.). You have to again work on those . Now you say, in which way the employee productivity is increased ? I guess in these days we need to be a smart worker rather than hard worker. In my view, who works smart , does not need to work hard. According to one of friend, "What ever good happens credit goes to the Manager, what ever bad happens credit goes to the Bottom Level Worker." So the theme is the Bottom Level workers are always at the receiving end, when ever something happens (Particularly bad.). This is exactly in the same way as , When a riot breaks out in some area and the situation goes out of the control and the Police has to do lathi charge or something,the policeman who had given the order to lathicharge is suspended first (Ohh Come on , give me a break...That poor chap was just controlling the situation.). But nobody blames the politician who are responsible for it.

     I have a friend who works in a reputed organisation. Whenever I call him , he used to say, I am in office , even on Sunday Nights. He is one of rare kind of guy,every organisation wants to have him. So, curiously I asked him .....What went wrong dude ? Is it the work pressure or the project deadline which keeps you working even on Sunday nights. He angrily replied....Neither ...My Boss stays long at the office. As I am in his team...So I have to ....No other options...(Thank God !!! I am blessed with a very good organisation.) Now , how heck was this ? Once I have read in an article written by Narayan Murthy about how the work culture is affected if the employees stay long without any work. But I guess his manager is much more intelligent and efficient than Narayan Murthy even :)

To be continued .....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Few Questions ....Remain Un-answered ...

It's been an era, since I have updated my Blog. Ran into some personal tensions having the semblance that it would get adjudicated someday. But I forgot, that there is no run-away from those co called TENSIONS, we have to manage it anyhow and trying to fool our self saying that "All izz well !!".

      I know, everyone of us has some/many questions in their mind. Some has answer , some has not. Some are thought provoking, some are cockeyed and the list goes on and on ...I have also loads of question in my mind..Sometimes my body has questions as well ...(I just wonder...Am I a limited edition or what ??)

             So here goes my list of weird,eldridge (anything you can say ) list of questions...

1. Why am I so stupid ??

2. Why do people have an impression that am toooo serious ....

3. Why do my Girlfriend loses her cool when somebody says something against me ?

4. Why only Women turn to ghosts in those not so scary movies ?? (Is it so that Women die unsatisfied ?).

5. Why do all those works arrive at your desk when you are busy planning for a weekend ?

6.Why all those your favourite movies/programs plays in Television when you have an important exam?

7. Why don't we get a simple XEROX shop when we need it urgently , though you can find plenty of those, while we are just travelling ?

8.Why do people smoke knowing that it's harmful in every way and it does not also reduce their tensions in any manner ?

9.Why do girls take soooo long to do their make-up when you are getting late for an important occasion ?

10. Why do your friends  not have change rupees every time it's needed and borrow from you and also forget every time to return those ?

11. Why do girls are fond of panipuri/golgappas and Teddy ?

12. Why do people get married ?

13.Why do the Internet gets dis-connected when you are lost with your girl friend / boy friend in chatting ?

14. Why do people puke the truth after gulping few drops of alcohol ?

15. Why do boys are so dis-organised compared to girls ?

16.Why does your dad arrive early when you are out for a late night movie ?

17.Why do people get inspired by bad fast rather than good ?

18.Why do many youngsters praise the movie "NAYAK" but most are not interested in POLITICS ?

19.Why is the frequency of the act of sex in higher at night than in day ?

20. Why am I writing these value less questions ?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Insane Interview

I had the opportunity to face a really insane interview by one of my colleague cum friend .So the interview goes as follows .

1. If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be ?

A : A Confused Person : Yesterday , Today & Tomorrow .

2. If you are told that there will be no penalty for breaking a law (any one,only once),which law you would have liked to break ?

A : Hmm ...Let me think ...I will drink and smoke in a flight .....

3. Whom / What do you fear the most on earth?

A : I am really scare of finding a mistake while discussing after an important examination .

4. What would you ask GOD, if you meet him someday ?

A : Why do you suffer from Identity Crisis ?? (As there are 33 Crores God !!!)

5. Only glimpse of your sweetheart OR complete ownership of a gorgeous girl for a day?

A : I would like to stay with my sweetheart all the time 24 * 7 . But here I will sadly accept a glimpse of her .

6. The question that has confused you the most ?

A : Why do we behave like a Idealist at 20 and realist at 40 ?? What's the appropriate age for marriage ??

7. Who is the person you want to show the highest degree of your wildness ?

A : I am a simple human being by nature , am not that wild ...But if given a chance : Of course to my beloved .

8. Arrange the list on the basis of priority.
       Love, Charity, Career, Children, Friends, Parents, Spirituality ?

A : Parents , Career , Friends , Love , Charity , Spirituality .

9. What is your devil:angel ratio ?

A : Really a difficult question ...It would be 99.99 : 0.01.

10. Who is the person you trust the most ?

A : Besides my family members I trust my GF the most .

11. Favourite age you have been so far ?

A : I have very less memory . So can not recall properly .
12. Have you ever worn / thought of wearing  lingerie ?

A : Well , I have definitely thought about it . But never tried .Afraid of consequences .

13. If you could be born into history as any famous person who would it be and why?

A : I would like to born as Napolean . He was the person who has the real ambition .

14. What is your best physical attribute? (Whom would you like to show it)

A : According to me it's my half burnt Lungs (Due to excessive smoking) . I would like to show it to the doctor.

15. What your secret talent you believe is ?

A : Given time I can convince any body , any thing , even any animal on Planet Earth .

16. What is the sweetest lie you have ever lied ?

A : Lie is not sweet at all .

17. What is the bittest truth you have ever conveyed ?

A : During school career a girl proposed me but I turned her down .

18. Have you ever stolen something precious (what is it) ?

A : Yes , my GF's Heart .

19. What do u consider the greatest help offered by u to somebody ?

A : I have given a poor man food and shelter while he was starving .

20. Have you ever saved a life ?

A : Yes , 3 times rather . I have donated blood thrice during my Engineering career .

21. Given enough fund, what kind of business would you like to do ?

A : Well , the most fascinating business for me is Restaurant's . So I would set up the world's largest chain of Restaurants .

22. Which do you consider the most irritating profession?

A : According to me the most irritating profession is Prostitution . Because sometimes you will come across people who will or who never can satisfy you . I mean no job satisfaction .

23. Which is your most valuable possession ?

A : If I will describe here you may try to seal it :) ...Those are few papers written by someone to me ....

24. Have you ever taken a decision for what u have to repent through out your life?

A : No , for me Life is the best teacher ...If   I will regret then I will not learn from it .
25. The longest odyssey you have ever made is ?

A : Travelling all alone to a place called Bangalore for my MBA interview ...( I had never travelled alone till that day )

26. How will you react after knowing your death date is in near future?

A : I will call some people and will confess about me ...Before it gets too late .

27. What was the worst rumour spread by you ?

A : That , I am a bad boy .

28. What was the worst rumour spread about you ?

A : I am after a girl in my college who has no energy to talk even ...(She was anorexic)

29. Whom do you not like to meet in this life ?

A : Few classmates , few girls ....

30. What is the most secret confession would u like to do only to GOD(as he knows it if at all you don't confess)

A :This is really a tough question ...I would confess that I am not that bad the way you think about me ....

Friday, June 18, 2010

100 Things About me ....

Hello Guys !!!

Sorry for the delay ....But actually I was free ....Surprised !!! Even I am . Have you ever noticed during exam time when your schedule is quite hectic , you try to derive pleasure from stupid serials !!! Same case is here with me . When I am busy I try to relax by posting some stupid writings in my blog . For the last few weeks I was Bored out of Getting Bored !!! So didn't have a choice either .

                           This post is inspired by one of my friend's blog ..So here I go ....

1. What's your name→ Bibhu.
2. Nicknames→ Sipu, Kuna, and some weird name by my Big Bro vacillating on his mood swings .
3. Homeland→ Heaven ...As The meaning of my name is God .
4. Zodiac sign→ Taurus (Moon Sign) , Gemini. (Sun Sign)
5. Male or female or transgendered → Male
6. Elementary→ What's that ??....
7. Schools → 3 schools
8. Colleges → S.C.S. College Puri , and Institute of Technical Education & Research, Bhubaneswar
9. Height → 5.6"
10. Hair color → Black
11. Long or short → Long for now
12. Do you have a crush on someone? → Hmmm ....Let me think !!!!
13: Ever been in love? --- I am in Love .
14. Piercings → Very much Interested , Family and GF are diametric with it .
15. Tattoos → Interested ....But will not do as my GF doesn't Like.
16. Righty or lefty → I am always Right .


17. First piercing → Perhaps the day will never come ....
18. First best friends → My Mom (She is the best in the whole universe)...
19. First sport you joined→ Making fun of others ....... Is not it nice ?
20. First pet → A Stray Dog .
21. First vacation → To Goa ...(In my Dream ..)
22. First concert → I am not a rock star , a simple human being rather .
23. First crush → Who is she ??
24. Eating → Only to live . A veggie .
25. Drinking → During 5th Sem , In Suresh 's mess .
26. I'm about to → Yawn !!!!
27. Listening to → We are going out tonight ....(RAW theme song )

28. Last beverage → Beer at Abhisek's apartment .
29. Last phone call → Litu ..(My childhood friend) ..about my JOB ...
30. Last text message → To my GF ....I was missing her badly ........
31. Last song you listened to → Hey Bhagwan Mujhko tu ....(By Raghu Dixit Project ...Amazing ...)
32. Last time you cried → Last Monday Night ....Missed my GF badly ........

33. Dated someone twice → Infact more than that to my SweetHeart ...
34. Been cheated on? → Umpteen no.of times .......
35. Kissed someone & regretted it? → No ...Why should I ??
36. Lost someone special? → Yes ...One of my childhood friend and one of my Aunt (Both died young) !!!
37. Been depressed?→ I am a chronic patient of depression....
38. Been drunk and threw up? → Yes ...In Santanu's mess during MBA Preparation .....

39. Made new friends → No ...I rather interested in maintaining my old friends ....
40. Fallen out of love → Well ....I actually fall in and rise in everyday in love with my GF ....
41. Laughed until you cried → Yes ....Last time I cracked a joke with Dad and Mom .......
42. Met someone who changed you → My Sweetheart ....She taught me Responsibility.......
43. Found out who your true friends were → Life is a long journey ...I will ans this at my death bed ......
44. Found out someone was talking about you → Nobody talks about me ........
45. Kissed anyone on your friend's list → No ...This is kind of personal .......
46. Made the first Move → This question sucks .....
47. Do you have any pets → Yes ....My half brain .....
48. Do you want to change your name → Never ...What's there in a name ???
49. What did you do for your last birthday → Went to a Temple with my Mom ....
50. What time did you wake up today – 7.30 AM
51. What were you doing at midnight last night→ I was buried in my thought (I am a thinker too ...)
52. Name something you CANNOT wait for → To see increase visitors in my blog...
53. Last time you saw your father → Today at 8.10 AM ...
54. What is the one thing you wish you could change about your life → Never thought about it ...
55. Most visited webpage → Adobe Forums , Google
56. Bribed someone? → Never ...I like to pay fine rather than Bribing ...
57. Played with dolphins? → I love my life ....

58. Want kids? → Yes ...As a biological species ...
59. Want to get married ? → Definitely ....
60. Careers in mind? → Evangelist in LiveCycle in Adobe .
61. Settling in a Big Villa? → We have already ....
62. Day or night? → Day ....I am not nocturnal animal like Asit .
63. What day is tomorrow? → Sat Day ..(Wow !!! It's a weekend)
64. Challenges? → To make a long lasting impression on my Lead .
65. Drive with windows up or down? → Windows down ...As you can feel the air ...
66. Scared of Death? → Yes ...Because I want to spend life with my loved ones .
67. Cook or Clean? → Cook
68. Lips or eyes → Eyes ...
69. Hugs or kisses → Hugs ...
70. Shorter or taller → Depends ..
71. Older or Younger → What the heck !!!!
72. Romantic or spontaneous → Spontaneous ....
73. Nice stomach or nice arms → Nice arms of course ...
74. Sensitive or loud → Sensitive ...
75. Hook-up or relationship →  I am already in a relationship .
76. White light or Yellow light. → White lights
77. Trouble maker or hesitant → Trouble Maker.

78. Kissed a stranger → Are you nuts !!!
79. Lost glasses/contacts → Yes ...In a big tide while taking a dip in the sea ....
80. Found money on the road → During my childhood days ...
81. Sex on first date → This question again sucks ....What kind of a weird question is this ?
82. Broken someone's heart → Not knowingly ...I don't know ....
83. Had your own heart broken → Yes ....Several times due to back stabbings....
84. Held a snake? → I am not gonna to be featured in Discovery ...
85. Been arrested → Well ..Detained once while riding my new bike which has no number ....
86. Turned someone down → Yes
87. Cried when someone died → Yes ....
88. Liked a friend that is a girl/boy? → Who has set this question ....

89. Yourself → Of course !!! I do.
90. Miracles → Yes ...Infact faced a miracle today itself..
91. Love at first sight → No ...unless and until you spend time with some one you cant say ......
92. Heaven → Yes ...Infact I stay at heaven ...
93. Santa Clause → Sorry ...Who is he ??
94. Peace in this lifetime → No one can ever stay in peace these days ...Not even animals ....
95. Kissing on the first date? → Buddy !!! This is India ....
96. Angels → My GF ...she is so nice and adorable ....
97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Yes ...with my GF I am missing her badly ....
98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time in the past? → No ...I am not a Playboy ...
99. You will die Young → God knows !!! But I don't want to ...I want to grow older with my wife ..
100. Certain things are so important that they need to be discovered alone....This is secret baby !!!